Your small apartment may feel disorganized if your kids leave their toys, games and clothes laying around. If you’re getting fed up with the state of your kids’ rooms, it may be time to declutter.

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Fortunately, the process can be simple and quick with a few easy tricks. Here are some organizing tips to get your apartment clean in no time:

Work With Your Kids

Your kids’ rooms will keep getting messy unless they learn to organize on their own. Resist the urge to declutter by yourself and get the little ones involved instead.

If you’re embarking on a big cleaning project, you’ll want to get rid of things the kids no longer need. Ask your children to pick out five things they want to keep (their favorite toys) and five things they don’t mind getting rid of. For example, your kids may want their Barbie dream house, but wouldn’t mind losing a board game. The items they no longer use should be donated.

This process can also be used on clothing. Donate the pieces your kids have grown out of and hang and fold the rest. Don’t be afraid to get assertive. Ask questions like “when did you last use that?” to help you determine which things should stay and which can go. Getting rid of neglected items creates space for the things that do get used.

Design a System

Help your kids learn to stay organized by developing a storage system in their bedrooms or play rooms. For example, you can purchase a cubic shelf and place fabric bins in each section. Label the baskets based on what goes inside, such as “cars,” “dolls” or “games.” This helps the kids know where to put their toys when they aren’t playing with them. Organization also prevents your children from misplacing things. If the kids don’t read yet, paste a small photo of the toy on the associated basket.

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When you start to declutter, simply put the toys in their designated bins. Your kids’ clothing and art supplies can also be organized using this method. Label dresser drawers with “pants,” “shirts” or “skirts.” Basically, everything in their rooms should have a place, whether it’s pencils, clothes or a favorite toy.

Establish Rules

The kid’s rooms can quickly get cluttered when they play, but implementing a few rules will help control the mess. For example, you may establish that they have to put away one toy before getting out another, or that Saturdays are put-it-away days. You may even decide that the kids can’t play with friends if their room is too messy.

Once you have a set of rules you feel comfortable with, stay firm and enforce it. Reward your children for a job well done, especially if they are young. Positive reinforcement goes a long way toward helping your children remember to stay organized.


Over the years, your kids will gather hordes of toys and clothes thanks to birthday or holiday gifts or just out of necessity. Take time to go through the decluttering process every few months or whenever the room is messy.