When choosing apartment decor, it can be tricky to know what your design style is, especially if it’s your first place. With the endless interior design phrases that are out there, you may not know what you’re looking for. Fortunately, there are ways to discover where your tastes lie.

Take a Quiz

There are tons of online quizzes that assess the looks you like and don’t like to give you an evaluation of your decorating style. Most quizzes will present you with a group of photos along with a question. For example, “where would you get the best sleep?” would be followed with a variety of bedroom photos. You then select a picture that best fits your idea of a perfect bedroom. However, our absolute favorite style quiz, HomeGoods Stylescope simply asks you to choose your favorite five photos out of a series of 36.

Look at What You Have

The things you already own can give you insight into your style. Go through your current bedroom and ask yourself which pieces you love and which just earn a shrug. If you find yourself coming back to ornate decorative items, you may have some regency in you. If you continually go for the simple pieces, you might be more contemporary. Try to imagine each of your favorite items in your future apartment. What other objects surround them? How does the image of your home look as a whole? Take note of the answers.

Make an Inspiration Board

You can discover your decorating style by compiling images of rooms you like. Pinterest is a phenomenal way to bring ideas together. Create a board for apartment decor and surf the web looking at interior design websites. Pin images of rooms you like, and in the caption box, make of note of what stood out to you. After you’ve acquired a significant number of pins, scroll through the photos. You might see patterns. You can also begin to see how the features you liked fit together. Did you love the yellow wall in that photo and the white dining table in the other? Both have a place in your apartment.

If you’re a more tactile individual, you can make a physical inspiration board. Clip pictures from magazines and arrange them on a cork or presentation board. Circle the features in the photos that made an impact on you. When you go back and look, you’ll know what made you pick the image in the first place.

[Image Source: B. Pila Design Studio – Wayfair.com]