More and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home, which is already an eco-friendly option because you’ll be using less gas. But even when you’re working in your home office, there are plenty of ways you can be conscious of the Earth. Go green with these simple adjustments:

Reduce Paper Usage

While it may not be completely realistic to cut all paper out of your work day, there are ways in which you can reduce how much you use. Ask for emailed invoices instead of paper alternatives, and scan documents instead of faxing them. If you do use paper, reuse it. Hold onto one-sided printouts and use them as notepaper. Plus, less paper makes for a much tidier and more organized desk. Bonus!

Use Power-Saving Mode

Many of your desk appliances, like your computer, can be set to power-saving mode. You can save up to $75 or more per computer by activating system standby or putting certain computer features into hibernation when you’re not using them.

Swap Out Your Office Light

Going green can be as easy as changing your light bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs should be chosen over incandescent bulbs. They use 75-percent less energy and last about eight to 10 years. They may be more expensive than traditional bulbs, but they certainly pay for themselves in the long run.

Buy Green Supplies

Next time you’re at the store stocking up on office supplies, really look at what you’re buying. There may be an eco-friendly option that you’re not seeing. For example, you can purchase environmentally friendly envelopes, paper and ink cartridges. Look for labels that say “biodegradable” or “recycled.” There’s a green option for just about anything you need.

Use a Power Strip

By plugging your devices into a power strip instead of the wall, you have the option to shut off the power on multiple machines easily. Many devices continue to draw power even when they’re not on, so this power​ strip can conserve energy and power.


This may seem obvious, but it’s important. You likely go through a lot of paper materials throughout the day, and it can be easy to just throw them in the trash. But set a recycling bin in your office as well. So many things can be recycled, like junk mail, white paper, cardboard and packaging materials.