Your curtains complement your decor, let light into your apartment (or keep it out), and can even make a room appear larger. Make your drapes work for you with these expert tips on how to hang curtains:

Measure and Pick the Perfect Treatment

Start by measuring the height and width of the window. Before you buy your rod or curtains, you should know how you want the curtains to hang in relation to the windows. There are two main ways to hang the drapes: to add height or to increase the amount of light entering the room.

To give your windows the illusion of length, you’ll need to mount the curtain rod 4 to 6 inches above the frame. The eye will associate the height of the curtain with that of the window, tricking you into thinking it’s longer than it actually is. When picking or sewing the curtains, be sure to account for the extra length you added.

If you want your windows to seem grand or expansive, or if you want more light to enter the room, choose an extra-long curtain rod. When the drapes are open, they should not cover the edges of the window. Plan on extending the rod 3 to 6 inches beyond the sides of the frame.

After you’ve decided on a look for your window treatments, now it’s time to hang them. In a few simple steps, your curtain ideas will come to life.

Use a Level

Use a straight edge that has a leveler in it to check that your rod will not be tilted. Levelers are basically a bubble in a liquid tube. You want the bubble to float between two lines. That indicates the surface is flat. Once you’ve decided what position is not crooked, mark the wall with a pencil. You’ll want the mark both places you plan to hang the hooks that will hold the curtain rod.

Install Hardware

Use a drill to make a pilot hole. You never want to drill a screw into the wall without a pilot hole as it will chew up your drywall. (Goodbye, security deposit!) Install the hardware with a screw. If you’ve managed to choose a spot that has studs, this is all you’ll have to do.

However, if there is no stud, you have to use a drywall anchor before screwing in the hardware. Anchors spring open behind the drywall to hold the curtain rod hook in place. The pilot hole you drill must be the exact same size as the anchor. To avoid guessing whether you’ll need one, use a stud finder to see if there’s a stud above the window. Once you’ve drilled the hole, tap the anchor in with a hammer. Finally, screw in the hardware.

Hang Your Curtains

Thread the curtain onto the rod and hang it on the hooks you’ve installed. Voila!



[Image Source: – Sarah Kidder Design]