By Katie Roach

You’ve read it in every piece of roommate literature you’ve come across: Sometimes, living with a friend or significant other can ruin a perfectly good thing. When your lives don’t overlap quite as frequently, it’s easy to get along with each other.

When your roommate sees your deepest, darkest secrets (like how infrequently you do your laundry), things can get a little messy– no pun intended. The majority of roommate conflict stems from contrasting personality types, but that doesn’t mean Type As and Type Bs can’t get along.

Beyond discussing your expectations and pet peeves up front, there a few ways you can ensure you won’t end up throwing each others’ possessions out the window unexpectedly. Read on, my friends.

Compartmentalize Your Clutter

How to Live Harmoniously with a Type A Person - Compartmentalize Your Clutter

It’s no secret that Type A people find messes to be insulting, and it’s usually the topic that is most argued in any household. There’s no reason you need to become neat when you move in with a Type A person, though– just keep your mess out of their way. This means your room can be as disheveled as you want, so long as you don’t leave 20 pairs of shoes in the living room.

Do Your Dishes

How to Live Harmoniously with a Type A Person - Do Your Dishes

I’m serious. Just do them. You might say, on principle, that you shouldn’t have to do them right away in your home, but your Type A comrade will not agree with you. Ever.

Use Your Power for Good

How to Live Harmoniously with a Type A Person - Use Your Power for Good

These kinds of roommates are prone to worrying too much and relaxing too little, which can be pretty harmful to their physical and mental health. You can probably offer them a lot of much-needed perspective about what really matters when they have too much on their plates.

Think of it like yin and yang. You’re practically made for each other!

Use Their Power for Good

How to Live Harmoniously with a Type A Person - Use Their power for Good

That said, Type As are awesome problem solvers. When you come to them when you’re upset or worried, they won’t just listen– they’ll also help you find and execute a solution, which is pretty much as constructive as it gets.

Get a Netflix Subscription

How to Live Harmoniously with a Type A Person - Get a Netflix Subscription

OK, you probably already have one, but here’s the thing: Type A people tend to be incredibly dedicated to their careers (or an outside passion). They will frequently work long hours, either in their rooms or away from home. It’s not personal at all, but you might feel a little lonely from time to time.

Ignore the Fire Escape Ladder

How to Live Harmoniously with a Type A Person - Ignore the Fire Escape Ladder

So that fire escape ladder they bought and positioned right next to the window (and the extra carbon monoxide detector) might seem a little neurotic to you, but it seems practical to them. Type-A people have usually already imagined the worst case-scenario and subsequently prepared for it.

Don’t judge them. Just think of their precautionary measures like new decorations and pat them on the back.

Ensure the Wi-Fi Connection is Speedy

How to Live Harmoniously with a Type A Person - Ensure the Wi-Fi Connection is Speedy

Type A people are always trying to achieve something, whether that’s a major career goal or finishing the last season of “Breaking Bad.” Few things make them as angry as long lines, slow walkers, and the spinning pinwheel of doom that accompanies a lagging Internet connection.

You guys should probably opt for the fastest speed available. I’m just saying.

Don’t Waste Their Time

How to Live Harmoniously with a Type A Person - do'nt Waste Their Time

These folks want to do things as efficiently as possible, and they are always hyper aware of the time. It’s totally OK if you don’t have the same approach, but I’d suggest making an effort to be as punctual as possible.

A big point of conflict between a Type A person and a Type B person is being on time for mutual plans, oddly enough. If you’re supposed to head to a friend’s place at 10 p.m., be ready at 9:45 p.m. They will probably be very agitated if you take until 10:15.

Just Listen

How to Live Harmoniously with a Type A Person - Just Listen

To many Type Bs, the constant motion and criticism of a Type A can be abrasive. And while yes, they shouldn’t be treating you poorly or looking down on you, there are probably a lot of great nuggets of wisdom in their comments.

Try to listen to their suggestions with an open mind, and remind them to voice their opinions nicely. After all, they do have your best interest in mind.

Know Their Intentions

How to Live Harmoniously with a Type A Person - Know Their Intentions

Type A people are the way they are for one overarching reason: They care. About everything. All the time. Including you.

So next time you’re frustrated with their maniacal vacuuming or unsolicited advice, just remember that they’re coming from a great place.

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How to Live Harmoniously with a Type A Person