The first few days after moving to a new apartment can feel like you’ve entered a foreign land. (Why is the bathroom not where I expect it to be? And what’s up with this closet? Aren’t you supposed to turn the lock to the right?) The reality is, it takes time to adjust to living in a new space. But if you want to speed up the process, here are a few tips to make an apartment feel like home:

1. Clean Everything

Your new landlord may swear that your apartment has been cleaned, but if a professional cleaner wasn’t hired, you’ll want to give everything a good scrub-down before unpacking. Until every little thing left by the apartment’s former occupant is gone–from soap scum to dust–it won’t feel like home.

2. Hook Up Your Internet

The internet has become such an integral part of how we live our daily lives. It’s fairly certain that your apartment won’t feel like home until you can access your email without heading to an internet cafe. Once your wireless is set up, take some pictures of your new digs and post them on Facebook for your family and friends to see. Having them think of your new apartment as your home will help you to feel that way too.

3. Make it Smell Right

Scent association can be very powerful, so if you have a favorite candle or room spray from your old apartment, use it in your new space as you unpack. Scent and memory are closely linked, so it will be easier for you to feel like your new apartment is home if it smells that way.

4. Add Some Greenery

Purchase a few plants to place throughout your new apartment to give it a little personality. Plants will add some color, help to circulate the air in your apartment and fill up empty space as you unpack. If you’re lacking a green thumb, choose something low maintenance, like a cactus or succulents.

5. Add Some Flair

To really make your apartment feel like home, you’ll have to take the time to personalize it. Of course setting up your bed and unpacking your clothing are priorities, but until you hang photos of your loved ones and place your favorite (and adorable, but totally useless) knick knacks on the shelves, it won’t feel like home.