I don’t know about you, but one of the main problems my family faces year after year around the holidays is running out of clean dishes and glasses. With big family dinners, it’s hard to keep up with the different courses! It seems like the dirty dishes and glasses pile up faster than you can handle. This holiday season, trade out your regular glasses for these fun and festive disposable glitter champagne flutes! They’re affordable, easy to make, and perhaps best of all… recyclable. No washing and drying necessary!

To get started, you’ll need plastic champagne flutes, glitter, and spray adhesive.

How to Make Glitter Champagne Flutes 3

Once you gather your supplies, cover your workspace with old newspaper or magazines. The spray adhesive and glitter can get messy, so this will help make your clean up much faster and easier.

If you have plastic champagne flutes with removable stands, remove the bottom so that it stays clear of the spray adhesive and glitter. Take the spray adhesive and spray a light layer around the champagne flute. You can cover as much of the glass as you like, but we chose to leave the bottom two inches and top two inches without glitter. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that you’ll want to leave a space for people to hold the stem, and a space at the top so they have room to drink.

How to Make Glitter Champagne Flutes 4

If you would like, place a paper plate on your workspace to catch the extra glitter so you can reuse it. Rotate the champagne flute as you shake the glitter so that it falls evenly over the flute. Lightly shake the flute so that any excess glitter falls off.

How to Make Glitter Champagne Flutes 5

Finally, place the bottom of the champagne flute stand back on the champagne flute. Give it a few minutes to dry, and then it’s ready for drinking! Whether it’s for your holiday party, New Year’s Eve toast, or a different occasion, this is an easy way to make plastic champagne flutes look fancy. Cheers!

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