Living in a small apartment means that you have to take advantage of all the open space that you have. Clutter and disorganization will only make your apartment feel less spacious than it is. Therefore, it’s important to be meticulous when it comes to keeping your place clutter-free. Take advantage of all the room that you do have and try these quick tips to organize a small apartment:

Toss Out What You Don’t Need

There may be items taking up space in your apartment that you simply don’t need. Go through your apartment room by room and decide what is essential, and what you can live without. Separate them into piles, and then either toss those items or give them away. Doing so will give you more room to work with.

Use Furniture In More Than One Way

When furnishing your apartment, look for furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For example, an ottoman is perfect for resting your feet on, but some also open up and have space inside for additional storage. You can also transform a dining room table into a desk for your home office during the day. By getting creative with the pieces that you put in your apartment, you’ll find you have plenty of room.

Take Advantage of Wall Space

If you find that you don’t have enough room in your kitchen cabinets to store things like pots, pans and strainers, use the walls for storage instead. You can easily hang colanders and pans – this creates more space in your cabinets and even works as decor for your kitchen.

Pull Furniture Away From the Walls

Apartment organization means getting creative with the ways your rooms are arranged. Instead of pushing your couch or chair against the wall, pull your furniture into the middle of the living room. This creates additional space and helps your living room appear more spacious.

Designate Zones

Separate different areas of your apartment by using things like desks, tables and shelves as room dividers. Keep in mind that “zones” doesn’t necessarily have to mean living room, kitchen and bedroom. You can create various areas like one for paying the bills, one for storing essentials like mail and keys, and one for relaxing.

Use the Space Under Your Bed

Under-the-bed storage is perfect for items that you don’t usually need on a daily basis. For example, you can put away seasonal clothing in plastic bins that will easily slide under your bed. Then, when the time comes, you can swap those clothes for a different season to allow for more room in your closet.