When people head to a new apartment, they make a plan to move their clothes and furniture. But what about smaller pieces like jewelry? Necklaces, bracelets and watches can be very valuable, so it’s important to make sure they are stored safely. Here are a few moving tips to teach you how to pack jewelry:

Jewelry Bags

Storing jewelry without having each piece bunch up and tangle together can be a challenge. However, it’s simple to prevent this from happening. Place valuable necklaces or bracelets in fabric jewelry bags that have a drawstring tie. This protects the metal from being damage during the moving process. You can add extra padding between each piece of jewelry by wrapping them in soft tissue paper and placing each one in a small plastic bag, then putting everything inside a larger fabric pouch.


Bubble Wrap

If you’re moving, you might have bubble wrap lying around. Use it to cover your jewelry. Lay necklaces or earring inside two layers of the material. Then tape down a few edges of the jewelry to keep it from moving. Lastly, roll the sheet into a cylinder and pack with the rest of your belongings.

Plastic Wrap

You can also use plastic wrap to make sure your jewelry is stored securely. Simply use the plastic to add an airtight layer between your jewelry box and its lid. Then use packing tape to make sure the top stays in place.


There is a nifty way to prevent your necklaces from tangling–and it’s one of our favorite jewelry-packing tips. Take a plastic drinking straw and feed an unclasped necklace through the center. Then close the clasp once again. Do this for each necklace or bracelet you believe might get tangled with one another. Toilet paper rolls are a great alternative for chunkier necklaces.


During the Move

When transporting your belongings, keep the most valuable pieces with you in your car instead of putting them in the moving truck. This way you know where each item is at all times. This is especially important if you hired people to assist with the move.