The home lighting that you have in your apartment contributes to the ambiance just as much as the decor that you have hanging on your walls. Each room in your apartment can benefit from new light fixtures. Here are some tips to guide you through the process of choosing lighting fixtures for your apartment:

Know the Different Types of Light

There are three different types of light that, when combined, can create the perfectly lit atmosphere in your apartment:

  • Ambient: Ambient light is the main source of illumination each room. It’s often an overhead light fixture. However, the wrong overhead light can be harsh on the eyes. Consider swapping out your current lighting for a small chandelier or a decorative ceiling-mounted fixture.

  • Task: Task lighting helps you out with specific duties. For instance, a side table with a decorative lamp is great task lighting for helping you read, while lighting under your kitchen cabinets can help brighten up your prep space.

  • Accent: Finally, there’s accent lighting, which exists to bring visual beauty into your apartment. This type of lighting should draw the eye to specific parts of the room that you want noticed, whether they’re a sculpture, a fireplace or an accent wall.

For each room in your apartment, think about function and what mood you would like to set. For instance, a home office might require more task than accent lighting. But a living room may need lots of accent lighting.

Figure out where you need light and which fixtures are best for each area. Don’t be afraid to combine light sources in one room—having multiple layers of light can create the perfect glow throughout your apartment.

Think of Lighting as an Art


If you put lighting in the same category as apartment decorating, you might have an easier time finding one for your new place. Think about which fixtures are going to complement the rest of your decor and help you set the right tone.

Set a Style


Is your apartment vintage, or is it decorated with a more modern aesthetic? Having a specific style in mind can be extremely helpful when choosing new home lighting fixtures. Industrial pendants, for instance, are perfect for a small, contemporary apartment because they offer direct lighting without taking up a whole lot of space. Plus, they’re decorative in nature, helping to set the right mood for the room.

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Choose Different Sizes


When picking out portable lighting such as table and floor lamps, it’s important to choose pieces that are all different in size and shape. Having diverse lighting sources helps add character and dimension to your apartment. Keep in mind, however, that it’s better to opt for a bigger table lamp than a smaller one—you don’t want the fixture getting lost.

Consider the Bulb You’re Using


Switching your current bulb for a compact fluorescent not only saves energy, doing so offers a more decorative touch to your apartment. CFL bulbs can give any room in your apartment an intimate glow to set the mood for a warm and welcoming space.

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