If you’re someone who loves to switch up your interior design on a frequent basis, you likely rearrange furniture often. But in carpeted living rooms, sofas and chairs can create a dent in the carpet that doesn’t exactly add to the room’s style. Instead of your eye being drawn to the beautiful art on the wall or the colorful pillows on the couch, those pesky carpet dents stand out like a sore thumb. But you don’t have to just wait for these to magically disappear. Take matters into your own hands by getting rid of them for good with these simple methods:

Your Hands

If the indentations aren’t very deep into the carpet, you can try simply using your hands to remove them. Tease the area with your fingers to rise the fibers, then after about five to 10 minutes, use a vacuum to go over the indented area. Move the vacuum over the spot very slowly to encourage the carpet fibers to bounce back into place.

An Ice Cube

The ice cubes in your freezer are a quick fix for your carpet. Simply place a single ice cube on the indentation until it melts. After the ice cube melted, leave the carpet dent untouched overnight. The liquid moisture being absorbed into the carpet should help plump the carpet fibers. The next morning, smooth out the carpet with a wire brush. Those marks should easily lift after a few swipes with the brush.

Blow Dryer

Turns out, your blow dryer can do more than just dry your hair. After you’ve wet the carpet indentation, warm the wet fibers using the blow dryer while working the carpet back into place using your fingers or a grooming tool.


Another easy carpet repair method is steaming. This is for deeper indentations that you weren’t able to remove with an ice cube or blow dryer. Simply warm up your iron and turn the steam setting on. Hold it a few inches above your carpet and fire a blast of steam into the floor by hitting the steam button. But be careful not to touch the sole of the iron to the carpet–it could scorch it. The hot steam will penetrate the carpet fibers, causing them to spring back to their original form.

You could also consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner who can steam the indentations right out of your flooring with heavy-duty equipment.

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