There is often talk about the tenant-vetting process when searching for a new apartment, but what about the landlord? Don’t hand over your social security number, check stubs and a slew of other personal information to just anyone.

Make sure your potential landlord is trustworthy by following these steps:

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Check with the Better Business Bureau

Check the name of the building or homeowner in the Better Business Bureau’s search field to see if any complaints come up. If there is something that looks iffy you can ask the landlord about it directly.

Ask For References

If you’re looking to rent at a smaller building or a single-family home, don’t be afraid to ask for references. In order to secure the apartment, you will most likely have to give the landlord a security deposit and your first month’s and maybe even last month’s rent.

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With such a large investment, you need to protect yourself. Additionally, you don’t want to enter a year-long apartment lease with someone who isn’t a great building manager. To make sure this person performs all the duties needed, ask previous tenants and others who have worked with him or her.

Ask for Proof of Mortgage

This may seem like overkill, but if you’re renting from an individual rather than a property management company, it may be a necessary step. If you need a bit more assurance that the person you are dealing with is the real deal, ask for an ID and proof of mortgage.