The holiday season is in full swing which means gift cards from the family will be given out left and right. But what happens when you realize that your beloved card loaded with money is missing? It is easy to misplace a tiny gift card in the midst of the hectic holiday time. There are also many Scrooges out their aiming to swipe your card while you’re not expecting it. Either way, has tips that will help you salvage your gift card loot:

Don’t Throw Away Your Receipt

Your receipt is your proof of purchase and can potentially function as your safety net if your gift card is lost or stolen. Some retailers, such as GameStop, do not issue replacement cards, unless state law prohibits it. Check the retailer’s policy on their website.

Customer Service is Here to Help

If your gift card has a PIN be sure to set it up immediately so that if it is lost no one else will be able to access the funds. As soon as you realize your gift card is MIA, head to the retailer’s customer service department. Be sure to have all your information handy!

You May Be Out of Luck

Many retailers will in fact replace your lost or stolen gift card with proof of purchase, but if the credit has been spent there’s not much they can do. Typically retailers will only issue a replacement card for the remaining balance.

Digital Gift Cards

Be prepared to fork over even more information if you are replacing an online gift card. You often won’t even know the money is missing until the gift card is used and at this point information can be deleted. You will likely need to provide the order number from when the card was initially purchased and contact customer service immediately.