Spring break is the perfect point between winter and summer to plan some family fun. However, outings can become pricey during this peak vacation season, so plan your trip wisely. Here are some spring break ideas to ensure you and your loved ones have a great time while sticking to your budget:

Water Parks

There is a variety of indoor water parks across the country. This could be the perfect cheap vacation venue for your family. You won’t have to worry about the weather in these climate-controlled buildings. Additionally, your kids get a feel of summer in early spring. Phoenix has an indoor water park called Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort that offers luxury accommodations for an affordable price.

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Road Trips

Road trips can be much more cost effective than a vacation that requires plane travel. Consider heading to a destination in the tri-state area like a mountain, museum or another popular tourist attraction. Along the way you can check out the roadside sights and take pictures of all the memories you make.


Those who live in a place that is warm year-round might enjoy a trip to a cold climate. Park City, Utah, is the perfect destination for families. Head out in early March to score a great deal on a stay and ski package at Park City Mountain Resort.


Camping can be an inexpensive (and fun) family spring break idea. Find a forest preserve nearby that has camping amenities. For example, there are sites with water and power hookups. Pick up a few tents to fit your entire family and pack food to cook when you get there. Also, plan a range of activities like hiking, swimming and fishing.

Play Tourist

You and your family can pretend like you are tourists in your hometown or a nearby city. Visit the children’s museum, themed restaurants and other tourist attractions.

Day of Sweets

Most kids love to indulge in sweet treats. Take them to an ice cream shop and let them have free reign over what they order. Pick one day out of the week to go overboard on sundaes and candy.


A day of volunteering can be a valuable experience for your children. You can check to see there is a soup kitchen or retirement home where your kids can volunteer. This way your kids can learn about social responsibility while on spring break.

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