Have you ever dreamed of living in a glass tower? Well, if you plan on moving to New York City, that dream could become a reality. People living in these glass apartments known as The Reflections have an amazing panoramic view of the city’s skyline. But that view may come with a price for some.

This modern building made of glass poses questions of privacy and temperature regulation. If you forget to close the curtains in your apartment, those outside can easily peer in. One photographer who was taking pictures for a project of his ended up in court for capturing images of children living in one of these buildings without the consent of their parents.

Another potential issue arising from these glass apartment buildings is temperature. Sun streams in during the day, which can quickly heat up a small space to a temperature that is quite uncomfortable. The sun’s rays could produce a glare on the glass, which may reflect into the eyes of drivers and pedestrians.

But not everyone is against living in those beautiful glass apartments. One resident talked about how nice it is to walk into your home and be able to soak in the miraculous city of New York right from your living room.

Come 2015, these four glass buildings may be joined by another apartment building not made of glass, but metal and stucco instead. Approximately 260 residents call the glass apartments home, while the new building will bring in many more tenants–about 420. This proposed apartment building is shorter than The Reflections and aims to feel more secure, welcoming and cozy.

Experts aren’t sure how the noise level will play out in this new building, considering the fact that it’s located near an airport. However, they hope that through the use of wood framing there will be a significant reduction in sound.

Would you ever consider living in a glass tower apartment?