By Catie Parrish, Chief Homemaker at

When it comes to decorating a living space, renters naturally face a unique challenge because they are often limited in how they can alter major aspects of their home.  While homeowners have the ability to undergo renovation projects, such as knocking down a wall to make more room, pulling up unsightly carpeting, and replacing kitchen tile, renters must be creative in their improvements. They need to find stylish, affordable ways to customize their home that do not permanently alter the space or put their security deposits at risk.

In fact, a recent nationwide survey of renters conducted by found that:

  • 77% of U.S renters believe that  the fact they live in an apartment is their biggest decorating challenge
  • 89% of U.S renters either don’t decorate at all, or believe they are very limited in how they can decorate because they live in an apartment

However, apartment decorating doesn’t need to be daunting. As’s Chief Homemaker, I’ve come up with tips for turning any apartment into a functional, stylish space while keeping budget in mind:

  • Inexpensive throw pillows can add a punch of style to your décor, but can be swapped out seasonally or as your taste changes.
  • Accent décor, such as end tables and side chairs, is also a smart place to save because they’re the items most likely to be switched out over time.
  • If you’re a DIY-er, gussy up hand-me-down or flea market furniture with a coat of paint and new knobs that fit your personal style.   
  • Don’t be afraid to splurge on nice window treatments. If you can’t paint, they are a wonderful way to make a big color or style statement. Save your pennies when it comes to window treatment hardware, such as rods and finials. Since they’re hung high above everyone’s line of sight, you won’t even notice if they’re cheaper. Just ensure they’re sturdy!

Renters: What have you done to spruce up your space lately? If you have any other unique tips, leave them in the comments section!

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