Inherited a series of tired old lamps from your grandma? Maybe you could only afford the thrift shop’s finest offerings or your apartment came with some light fixtures that need some updating. There’s no need to live with shabby lighting — why not try a lamp revamp instead?

DIY hacks abound for creating that personal touch and fashionable look in your apartment. From Pinterest to YouTube, there are literally millions of ideas of how to change that old lamp from geek to chic. Better yet, doing the DIY and upcycle route can save you a bundle on new lights, while ensuring your lamps are the envy of all your pals. has gathered up some of our favorite ideas, so gather up your glue guns and get hacking!

It’s a lamp! It’s a decorative ornament! Whatever you call it, it’s easy and inexpensive to put together this simple mood light together.

Do you have a hanging lamp in your apartment that’s in desperate need of a revamp? It’s easy to make a stylish lantern-style lampshade from stuff you probably already have around your house.

Life’s too short not to have glam lighting. Add a spark of rock and roll to your room with this sequined lamp idea.

If you don’t have around $600 to spend on one of those fancy string lampshades, don’t worry — you can do it yourself. Take a look at this video to find out more!

How about a chandelier-style lamp for that 1920’s, Great Gatsby-esque chic? It’s not as difficult as you might imagine.

Still looking for more inspiration? Take a look at these sites!
If you’re someone who loves crafts and DIY, then this site is definitely for you. On, you’ll find out how to make 25 different DIY lamps of all shapes, styles and hack levels. We’re particularly in love with the TRON-style table lamp!

DIY Network shows you how to upcycle even the lamps you thought you’d just have to throw out.

While you’re making your DIY lighting hit list, be sure to check out some ideas from the fine folks at BuzzFeed. From Mason jars to creating your own custom string lights, they’ve got the low down on lighting up your apartment.

Have you hacked your old lamps? Do you have any other style tips for making your apartment fabulous? Let us know!