Hollywood stars are known to purchase massive mansions, personal islands and penthouse suites with a butler and oceanfront view, but some A-listers opt for renting vs. buying. That’s not to say celebrity apartments and rental homes aren’t lavish. No need to worry, chances are slim you’ll have to compete with some of Hollywood’s finest who pay upwards of 300 percent more than the average in their neighborhoods. From beachside estates to luxury condos, celebs may be renting, but they are still living the high life.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan may have been living below the radar for the past few years, but this Hollywood goddess isn’t hurting financially. The “When Harry Met Sally” star is rumored to be dishing out about 178 percent more than the average New Yorker for her three-bedroom abode.

Jim Carrey

Funnyman Jim Carrey isn’t known for being conservative in any way, and that goes for his apartment spending too! The comedic whiz supposedly pays $25,000 a month for his luxurious space in Greenwich Village–nearly 400 percent more than the average for a two-bedroom place in a building with a doorman.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

Know for their roles in “Borat” and blockbuster “The Great Gatsby,” Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher are an odd couple with a killer pad near Battery Park in NYC. The star duo pays a whopping 108 percent higher rate for their rental compared to the area’s average. At $13,500 per month for a three-bedroom apartment, these two are living a life of luxury.

Steve Harvey

Radio host and bestselling author Steve Harvey has relocated to Chicago from Atlanta to shoot his nationally syndicated daytime talk show, and there’s no better place to live in the Windy City than Trump Tower. With neighbors like NBA MVP Derrick Rose, NHL Blackhawks star Patrick Kane and hip-hop guru R. Kelly, Harvey lives among the stars in this 6,400-square-foot penthouse unit on the 88th floor of the building. Harvey shells out $22,000 a month for three fireplaces, five and a half baths, 16-foot ceilings and a chef’s kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances.

Nick Jonas

As one-third of the Jo-Bros, Nick has ventured out and made a name for himself outside of the family trio. That could be why this 20-year-old can afford a $20,000 monthly rental rate for his place in Chelsea. Although living in this high-class neighborhood comes at a price, Jonas still pays about 158 percent more than others.

Dakota Fanning

She may still be a child in the eyes of the public, but this starlet is no stranger to the finer things in life. Fanning pays about $10,000 a month for her two-bedroom space in SoHo. That is 67 percent more than the average spot in her ‘hood. Fanning’s celebrity neighbor Ashley Greene from the Twilight franchise pays a mere $4,000 for her place, which is 5 percent less than the average. Not all celebs go above and beyond!