Living with someone has its upsides and downsides. It’s great having a person to share the rent with, but sometimes space can get kind of tight. Don’t worry! Here are some life hacks to make living with roommates a whole lot easier:

Chore Chart

This may sound rudimentary, but a chore chart can help clear up any confusion regarding apartment responsibilities. However, it doesn’t have to be a boring chart–use your imagination to make cleaning fun. Make a game out of it “Wheel of Fortune” style. Just split up all the things that need to get done on the wheel, like sweeping, dusting, taking out the trash and so on. Then each week everyone can take turns spinning the wheel to see what chore they get.

Bathroom Organization

Sharing a bathroom with anyone can be a nightmare if people aren’t organized. Install a second shower rod and use the extra one as a place to hang shower caddies. This means more space for all your necessary toiletries, without all the clutter. Take advantage of the space behind your door too. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to store your blow dryer, flat iron, mirror, hair brush and any other items you need.

Kitchen Use

Counter space can come at a premium when you share your home with someone. So take advantage of the surface space you do have. Place a cutting board in a top pullout draw for a nifty extra space to cut veggies. Use a label maker or permanent marker to write helpful reminders on your appliances, like “Refill the Brita pitcher,” “Turn off the coffee maker,” and “Empty the dishwasher.” Concerning the last point, you can even go an extra step and use magnets to designate whether the dishes in the appliance are clean or dirty.

Paying the Bills

Paying monthly bills can be a source of contention if everyone isn’t organized. All your roommates probably have a smartphone, so download an app that makes splitting bills easy. Splitwise and Venmo are both available for Androids and iPhones and let you track your expenses with friends. You can also set up a Google Drive account and invite all your roommates to a shared spreadsheet that has a list of all the monthly expenses. And you can use a service like PayPal to send money to each other in a flash.