You’ve found your perfect apartment (on, of course). It’s got all the amenities you want, it’s close to work and play, and the landlord seems great. This is where it gets tricky, especially if your budget is limited and you really want to settle into a place you love. Sometimes, the only option you might have is living with a couple. For some renters, this situation can work out perfectly and there are no problems. For others, living with a couple can become a downright nightmare.

Sometimes, especially in larger cities, finding a space can be difficult and you have to make do with the situation. You might luck out and have a quiet couple that respects your privacy and allows you to have your own space. However, just like with any roommate/s, it’s important to lay some ground rules for your living situation before you move in so there is no confusion from the get-go.

It’s Your Apartment Too

Living with a couple is great sometimes, especially if they welcome you in with a laid-back attitude. However, if they are joined at the hip, they could easily take over the apartment, even though all of you have split expenses, rent and utilities. Remember–this is your living space as well, so don’t feel like you have to be confined to your bedroom. Designate times when your roommates have the space to themselves as well as nights when you want to have company. If they are a good roommates, they will respect the fact that it’s your apartment as well.

Be Prepared for Highs and Lows

As with any relationship, living with a couple means putting up with all of their joys and challenges. When they are hopelessly in love and everything is going smoothly, it can be a great living situation. When they fight, the negative energy can be palpable within the apartment and you might feel like you are wedged between them. When they make up, you might hear them make up (yikes!). In situations like these, it is best to stay out of their personal business and let them work it out–through the bad and the good.

Canoodling is Going to Happen

When a couple is in love, they are going to act like it, so be prepared to see a lot of cuddling, canoodling​ and kissing–even in common areas. In an ideal world, your roommates would keep those activities in the bedroom. However, you should be prepared to see some PDA from time to time.

Don’t Become a Third Wheel

While it is perfectly fine to become good friends with your roommates, don’t think that you have to tag along to every outing or social event with them. You have your own personal and social life and so do they, so everyone should make time to enjoy it!