Finding a roommate can be tricky, particularly if you’re renting an apartment in a new city. What if they never clean? Or pay their bills on time? What if they watch movies about serial killers until 3AM? What if they ARE a serial killer? Never fear, renters with roommate-phobia, a new trend is emerging among young adults that may surprise you: living with a sibling. Here are some pros and cons:

PRO: You Know Each Other’s Quirks

Rather than going through the awkward period of getting to know all of you roommate’s little quirks, living with a sibling means you’re already well aware of each other’s idiosyncrasies. No need to explain to your roommate that the dishes have to be done every night before you go to bed–your sibling will already know.

CON: You May Revert to Childhood Antics

Sometimes living with a sibling as an adult means you automatically revert to interacting with each other the way you did when you were living at home. If you didn’t get along in high school, there’s a strong possibility you won’t get along now either.

PRO: Save Money

As with any roommate, sharing an apartment means saving money. You can split the cost of rent, utilities, cable and internet, and will likely be able to afford a much nicer apartment than you could if you lived by yourself.

CON: Fewer Boundaries

There are certain boundaries that a roommate would never cross that your sibling won’t think twice about. Even if you’re incredibly close, you may want to talk about your privacy needs or guest policies before signing a lease to prevent some epic arguments down the line.

PRO: Your Apartment Will Feel Like Home

Nothing says home like family, and living with a sibling means you won’t have to think twice about putting personal photos in the common areas or lounging around in your pajamas all day. There’s a certain level of comfort you have with your siblings that you may never be able to establish with other roommates.

CON: Disagreements Can lead to Family Drama

If you and your sibling have any serious disagreements while living together, it may quickly turn into family-wide drama. You can avoid this scenario by setting some ground rules off the bat.

PRO: You Can Trust Your Roommate

When living with a sibling, you know you have a roommate that you can trust. If he or she is late on rent payments or isn’t contributing to chores, you won’t be alone when addressing the situation–your parents can back you up. Living with a sibling also means having a built-in confidant … just make sure your deep dark secrets don’t get broadcast to the entire family.

What do you think–is living with a sibling a good or bad idea?