Do you ever feel like you have more stuff than your apartment can handle? Does your closet resemble a landfill or is finding the shirt you want to wear more like an excavation project? In order to get the most out of your apartment, you need to get organized. Getting creative with organization can help to maximize your apartment space, and it doesn’t need to break the bank either.

Think organizing your apartment is going to put a huge dent in your wallet? Not true. In fact, when you’re looking to get your storage situation in order, dollar stores can become your best friend.

Are you a studio apartment renter? Then you already know that there’s nothing tougher than maximizing your space and storing everything in a tiny space. However, with a few hacks shown here, you’ll become an organizational guru.

If you want to create extra storage space where there is seemingly none, then start thinking outside the box — or rather, your door. Backs of cupboards or doors can create new opportunities for storage, freeing up more space in your apartment.

One of the worst offenders for getting your organization and storage sorted is the bathroom. But with all those bottles, potions and lotions, where do you start? This video will have you stacking and sorting in no time at all.

You probably thought your kitchen was small… that is until you saw this one. When it comes to organizing a small kitchen, the Brothers Green have mastered it to a near artform.

Are you in desperate need of getting your closet organized but don’t have a lot of money to do it? Check out this video that will show you how to do it for under $50.

Are you currently battling with a disorganized apartment? What tricks and tips do you have for getting on top of it?