Dense urban areas always attract the creative and like-minded. Minneapolis neighborhoods are home to historical treasures, local galleries and more, making them perfect for artists looking to inspire the right side of their brain.


Named for Giacomo Constantino Beltrami, an early 19th century Italian jurist, scholar and explorer, this Minneapolis neighborhood is home to galleries and studios galore. Beltrami is credited with having discovered the headwaters of the Mississippi River in 1823 while on an expedition through the United States. The namesake alone gives credit to the explorative feel of the area, which is close to downtown and the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. You are sure to find a community of artists living and working from their studios in this budding neighborhood.


​Located directly east of the Mississippi River, this neighborhood also boasts a historical namesake. Pierre Bottineau purchased the land back in 1845. He was a pioneer and explorer, much like the artists living there now. With a diverse population of 1,254, the Bottineau neighborhood has attracted people from many different backgrounds. The area is home to the Northeast Arts Association, which is located in a converted industrial building. About 70 artists live and work in this home studio complex. Bottineau could be the place for you if you’re looking to plug into an artistic community.


Back in the 1890s, this Minneapolis neighborhood was known as “Snoose Boulevard” and was home to a community of Scandinavian immigrants. About a hundred years later, it became home to artists, actors, intellectuals and musicians–all looking for somewhere new to inspire their creative sides. With the largest immigrant population in the area, Cedar/Riverside is culturally and ethnically diverse. It has venues for all sorts of art, including performance and music. If you’re a multi-talented creator, this might be the spot for you to find your Minneapolis apartment.  

North Loop

In the past few years, North Loop has been changing its image by converting industrial warehouses into residential buildings. Conveniently located near downtown Minneapolis, this neighborhood is home to the Lab Theater, which features all sorts of art. Experimental theater, dance and popular musicals all hit the stage at the Lab. Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts showcases the talents of artists with disabilities.


Home to the Playwrights Center, Seward features plenty of opportunities for young, aspiring theater artists. With classes, fellowships, events and more, artists can learn and grow in this organic-loving (there are food co-ops), bike-riding community. Seward also boasts a solid music scene and is the place where Bob Dylan recorded his album, “Blood on the Tracks.” So if your passion comes from art, sustainability and wellness, this Minneapolis neighborhood could hold your future apartment.

50th and France

The most unique part of this neighborhood is the Edina Cinema, where independent, foreign and mainstream films show on the big screen. Summer features an immense art fair where local artists can share their work.

38th and Chicago

This Minneapolis neighborhood is as eclectic as the art its residents create. From glassblowing to photography to culinary, 38th and Chicago is sure to help you find your artistic home. At Covet Consign & Design, every second Thursday of the month the work of a different artist is featured, giving local talent a way to reach out to the community at large.