When searching for an apartment, what are the top things you look for? Maybe it’s amenities nearby, property size, a big backyard, an environmentally-friendly building, or a space where you can bring your furry friends with you. But for some, one of the most important factors include a walkable, mixed-use neighborhood and a short commute time.

If you’re not familiar with mixed-use neighborhoods, they contain a blend of offices, residences and retail outlets that suit a variety of needs among the community. In other words, this means that people can walk to their destinations more often and sometimes even have a shorter commute to work, the grocery store, the salon and so on.

Some argue that these types of neighborhoods even offer a higher quality of life because there is less traffic congestion and pollution in the air. Areas that encourage walking could also affect health in the area, lowering the chances of people developing some diseases. In fact, researchers have even found a link between walkable neighborhoods and the risk for diabetes.

With mixed-use neighborhoods, there may even be fewer instances of crime. After all, with all of the amenities nearby, there are more likely to be more eyes out on the street to deter potential criminals from acting out.

Some renters may even forgo a larger space and yard if that meant being able to have a shorter daily commute to work and living within walking distance of grocery stores, schools and gyms. What about you?