In addition to a sleek look, mounting a TV a great space saver! Here is everything you need to know to hang your flat-screen TV in your apartment living room without a disaster:

Wall-Mounting Kit

The first thing you need to do is purchase a wall-mounting kit. This will have everything you need to install the TV. The most basic kit comes complete with two mounting arms (which attach to the TV) and a wide bracket plate (which attaches to the wall). You can purchase a kit from a generic manufacturer, however, it is best if you buy one from the same company that made your TV. This will create an easier installation process.

Tools for Mounting a TV

In addition to the wall-mounting kit, you’ll use a range of tools: a power drill and bits, a screwdriver, level, stud finder, tape measure and socket wrench. You’ll also want to pick up a cable-wire tester and have a pencil handy.

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Secure the Mounting Arms

First, take your flat-screen TV off of its stand or frame. Next, examine the back of the unit to locate the mounting holes, and remove the plastic caps if necessary. Grab the bolts in your kit and use them to attach the mounting arms to your TV. Don’t use a power drill for this step, as it can damage your set. Lastly, use your level to ensure the mounting arms are at the same height.

Attach Wall the Bracket

Once you have located the best space for the TV, mark it with a pencil. At this point you’ll want to make sure there is a power source within reach. Use the stud finder to locate the support and mark the center of it with your pencil. Test the spot with a nail to ensure it is an actual stud. Measure the distance between the holes in the mounting arm and draw them on the wall. Next, grab your power drill to drive pilot holes into the stud and attach the bracket plate.

Hang the TV

Once it’s hung from the wall, the TV will be too close to plug in any cords, so do so beforehand. Next, grab your buddies and have them help you lift the TV while someone locks the mounting arms to the wall bracket. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructors to ensure everything is secure.