If you thought moving into your new apartment was tough, it’s nothing compared to these epic moving fails.

Catapult Fail
It seemed like a good idea at first. Then the TV happened.

Couch vs. Window
When you’re moving your furniture, it’s very tempting to use whatever method seems easiest. Just ask these guys how well it worked out for them.

Fridge Fail
New refrigerator not fitting through your door? Why not try the window?

There Goes Another… Piano
Is there anything funnier than a piano moving fail? We think not.

The Aerodynamic Cello
If anything makes the case for you to not allow your younger brother to pack your moving truck, it’s this.

Sofa.. So Good
One from the “Don’t worry, it will fit” files.

That’s Probably Not a Good Idea
Is the commentary or the actual fail funnier? Answers on a postcard, please.

The Easiest Solution is Not the Best One
Heavy TV? Surely it’s easier just to lower it down to your truck. Until…

Too Many Boxes!
Ever hear of a lazy man’s load? We think this pretty much exemplifies it.

Mover Scare Trick
Moving apartments can be boring. Why not attempt a tried and true mover’s trick to spook your friends?

Have you had any moving fails or disastrous moving stories? We’d love to hear them! Respond below and you just might make one of our future features!