When people move out, many are quick to ask for packing and moving help from friends and family. But just because you’ve received moving assistance in the past doesn’t mean you need to feel obligated to help – especially with certain types people in your life. If you want to avoid intense allergies or a strained back, you may want to tell the following people you’re busy the weekend they need your help.

1. Cat Ladies

4 Types of People to Turn Down if They Ask for Moving Help - Cat Ladies or Gents

No, no, not the casual cat owner or even the guy who owns two cats – I’m talking about the hardcore cat owner who requested your help via messenger cat. The one who refers to her cats as “my babies” and occasionally coughs up hairballs. Crazy cat owners may seem nice on the surface, but once you enter their home you’re willingly walking into a dander den of unspeakable horrors.

Even if you don’t have cat or dander allergies, when you’re picking up and moving countless cat pillows and porcelain figurines, your sinuses will suffer. The day you spend doing a good deed will pale in comparison to the weeks of sneezing, coughing, and suffering that are sure to follow.

2. Musicians

4 Types of People to Turn Down if They Ask for Moving Help - Musicians

Harmonica players and violinists get a free pass here, but most other musicians are going to bring you nothing but pain. Back pain, to be specific. Not only are you going to struggle to move that standing bass or grand piano, but you’re going to hear “be careful!” so many times you’ll start to wonder why you’re even friends to begin with.

I can tell you from experience that the only thing worse than moving something obscenely heavy is moving something that is both obscenely heavy and fragile.

3. Home Gym Guy

4 Types of People to Turn Down if They Ask for Moving Help - Home Gym Guy or Gal

Though it may seem unbelievable for anyone who owns home gym equipment, some people actually use their workout machines for something other than makeshift sweatshirt hangers. See, if a person uses their home gym equipment they’ll likely want to take it with them when they move, instead of leaving it on the curb with their other useless garbage.

And it’s those overachievers you’ll want to avoid, unless you want to find yourself hauling what equates to a medieval torture device down three flights of stairs and into the back of a moving truck. 

4. Bibliophiles

4 Types of People to Turn Down if They Ask for Moving Help - Bibliophiles

Everyone has that one person in their life who not only loves to read but also refuses to succumb to the marching beat of technology. “Jerry, you read two books a week,” you say. “Why don’t you just get a Kindle?”

But Jerry will never make that switch. He just likes “how books smell.” And for that reason, Jerry will have to haul his metric ton of books all by himself… Oh no I think I’m Jerry. 

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4 Types of People to Turn Down if They Ask for Moving Help

Jonathan Deesing is a moving expert and writer for moving resource site imove.com. When he’s not playing moving truck Tetris, he’s enjoys beekeeping and puppy wrestling.