Moving in together is incredibly exciting and sure to be a rewarding experience. However, agreeing on a design aesthetic that balances both your styles is decidedly less thrilling. However, it can be equally rewarding by keeping a few compromises in mind:


That’s right. Compromise. You will see that word over and over again for good reason. For both of you to feel at home, you have to be willing to give some ground. Remember that moving in together is a united effort and that both of your opinions are valid.


Make time to sit down together and look over design magazines and Pinterest boards. Each pick out a handful of images that you feel drawn to. Next, talk about why you like them and discuss reasons you don’t agree. Where are you willing to budge and where do you want to stay firm? This will give you a better idea of the style the two of you can create together.

Taking Inventory

What do you each individually own? If you both have dishes, you probably don’t have enough space for both sets. Choose the better, more durable set that you think you’ll get more use out of. If, however, one of you feels strongly about a set of dishes (it was your great grandmother’s who came to America from Europe during the war or something), hang on to that one. Sentimental value should be part of the conversation. Conversely, if he has a tapestry he got from India during his trip around the world, find a way to make it fit. You should each make a list of things you feel you must hold onto.


Maybe your dining table doesn’t fit his style. If a good re-stain or a coat of paint will make it appropriate, go for it! By being willing to modify your current possessions to fit his style, you’ll be showing your willingness to work together when deciding how to decorate. He should do the same for you. Plus, refurbishing your furniture will save you money you would have spent buying something new. You could even use the money you saved for a date night!


Find a good midpoint between masculine and feminine design choices. You both should feel at home in your new place, so exorbitant amounts of pink may make him uncomfortable. In the same way, you may not want to look at his beer posters whenever you’re home. Choose a color scheme together that you feel has enough light and dark tones to suit you both. A good route would be choosing a neutral paint color and decorating with more colorful pillows or art. Neutral tones leave room for both of your tastes.

Find Your Joint Thing

What’s something that you both love that has a lot of meaning in your relationship? If you both love collecting vinyl records, consider incorporating your favorite album covers in your wall art. Or if you cook together, make planning your kitchen a high priority.


Apartment decorating with your significant other can be challenging, but with compromise you will end up loving your new home.

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