Another New Year’s Eve is closing in and we all know what that means. It’s time to commence the annual tradition of resolving to improve our lives and start anew once again! Whether you want to organize your home, save for your summer vacation or get ready for bathing suit season, we’ve got some ideas for New Years Resolutions—and more importantly, tips for how to keep them!

Get Organized

The best way to get and stay organized is to get rid of old stuff and make better use of what you’re keeping. Set aside a few hours every weekend to tackle just one room or area at a time. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed and just giving up on the project. A good rule of thumb to make stay or go decisions by is the one year rule. If you haven’t used something in the past year, chances are you won’t miss it! Enlist a good friend to help you make those tough calls—they can be more objective than you can. Take inventory of what you’re keeping and buy organizers for your drawers, closets and cabinets to make the things you do keep more accessible and to keep your apartment in good order. If you’re getting rid of any valuable items, consider selling them online. Or, have some fun by organizing a group yard sale for your building and donating the things you don’t sell to a worthy cause. For more ideas, check out our Ten Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home.

Shape Up

We all say it, but don’t always do anything about it. Now that winter is coming to a close, the skin-baring days of summer aren’t far off and the pressure is on to get that bathing suit body back! Get started by choosing a fun sport or activity and set up a realistic schedule for yourself. Program reminders into your cell phone or put them on your calendar, so you’re less likely to forget or skip it. Consider organizing an exercise club with neighbors to help keep you motivated and accountable. Lastly, if you’re moving soon, look for a property that has a gym—amenities like this make apartment life great! Some apartment buildings might also offer membership discounts to local gyms if they don’t have one of their own. The more convenient it is to work out, the more likely you are to do it.

Improve Your Social Life

When it comes to expanding your social circle, neighbors can be a great place to start. Break the ice by inviting people over for something casual: dessert, cocktails, Wii matches, board games or a sports game on TV. If you’re feeling ambitious, ask neighbors to co-host a progressive party, where each apartment creates part of a meal (appetizers, entrée, dessert) and you go from place to place to eat and hang out. Making friends with neighbors not only means more opportunities to enjoy your apartment life, but you’ll also have people who can pick up your mail when you’re away and doors to knock on if you get locked out.

Save Money

Making changes large and small is the key to cutting your overall expenses. To save money all year long, consider trying to renegotiate your lease when it comes due. If that doesn’t work, you can always move to an apartment with lower rent or find a roommate. Look for a building that will help cut costs in other ways, like being closer to work or public transportation or has energy star appliances installed or a gym membership included. Cooking more at home and eating out less can also save you big bucks, and even help you enjoy apartment life more. Find more money saving ideas and negotiation tips here: Saving Money While Renting: All It Takes Is A Little Creativity