You don’t have to spend lots of money on designer art frames and expensive arrangements of professional bouquets in order to decorate your apartment. By getting creative, you can fill your space with apartment decor while still keeping money in your wallet. Consider any of these overlooked decorating ideas:

Old Doors

Looking for a headboard? Search for a weathered wood door, which can be repurposed into a headboard for your bed. Leave it as is or spray paint it your favorite color. You can even attach a long wood plank on the top of the door to act as a shelf on the top part of the headboard. You can use it to display pictures or store essentials.

Vintage Shutter

Shutters aren’t just for windows–they make a great organizational and decorative tool for your apartment too. Paint the shutter a fresh color that matches your apartment’s interior design and place clothespins of the same color on the slats. The clothespins can keep all paper items organized, like birthday cards, calendars, invitations and more. Plus, a bright shutter will add the perfect splash of color to your apartment.


Do you have a T-shirt that doesn’t quite fit anymore but you aren’t ready to get rid of it? Well, you don’t have to. You can transform that shirt into a pillow for a bit of decor for your couch or bed. Store-bought pillows can be overpriced, so you can make your own instead. Choose a T-shirt that means something to you, like one from your college days, a shirt you got for your birthday years ago, or one from a significant other. These pillows make great conversation pieces when you have people over to your apartment.

Wine Bottles and Corks

Once you finish off that bottle of wine, don’t throw it away just yet. This bottle is a gold mine for home decor. The cork and the bottle can both be transformed in a number of ways to enhance the beauty of your apartment. You can turn leftover corks into wall art by forming them into the shape of your initials. The wine bottle can be used to create your own tiki torch, a chandelier or candle holders for the perfect table centerpiece.


You can turn the brightly colored pitcher you have sitting in your kitchen cabinets into a coffee table centerpiece by filling it with flowers. This way, you don’t have to go out and buy a new vase. A pitcher offers a unique shape and a vibrant color, which is even better.