Moving is stressful. With all the things you have to pack and organize, there’s no doubt that you might be at the end of your rope. You may have even put off packing fragile items. By being smart, your delicate pieces will move from one apartment to the next without any damage. Here are some packing tips to make the move easier:


Fragile items, such as glass and ceramic pieces, will be safest when nestled in a pillow of protection. You’ll want to use packing materials such as Styrofoam peanuts, tissue paper and bubble wrap. Wrap a vase in paper, then cover it in bubble wrap. Tape the bubble  wrap shut so that it doesn’t slip in the move. Items like vases that are hollow should be filled with a little paper stuffing.

First, add cushioning to the bottom of the box. Stack items gently and fill any empty spaces with the Styrofoam pieces. Lay down more paper on the top of the items before taping the box closed.

The Right Box

While cardboard boxes are sufficient for most of your belongings, fragile items should be placed in sturdier containers. If the box slides around a moving van or is bumped by other boxes, you don’t want your items to be damaged. A plastic storage container will protect against this. Cardboard, on the other hand, will give in to impact.

Keep it Small

Do not store delicate items in a large box. This tempts movers to place the box on the bottom of a pile. Instead, pack your glass and ceramic valuables in a container that can hold no more than 10 pounds. This way, the box is sure to land on the top of the heap.

Like with Like

Keep similar items together, as they stack well. Your set of dinner plates should be kept in one box. Wrap each individual plate, then stack them. You can pack smaller saucers on top of the dinner plates. These should also be individually wrapped. When creating layers of fragile objects, be sure you have at least an inch of cushion between them. Your individually wrapped dinner plates should be topped with bubble wrap before you add the saucers.  When packing cups or mugs, look for box dividers. These will keep the items in order and prevent movement during shipping or travel.


Though silver may not seem fragile, you want to be sure to prevent tarnishing. Do this by keeping silverware completely enclosed in newspaper or plastic wrap. If your silverware is kept in a chest, you may still want to consider wrapping each piece. You can also place newspaper inside the chest to keep items from moving.


Dish towels are especially effective at protecting glass from being scratched. Wrap mirrors and vases in newspapers; then separate them with dish towels.

Keep Tabs

Write the contents of each box on the outside. This way, when you pack your moving vehicle, you know where the fragile items are located. You are more likely to stack wisely when you can make a plan because you know what is inside each box. This will also make unpacking easier.