When getting ready to pack up and move, there are a lot of things to think about. You have to consider whether or not you want to hire a moving crew, use a rental truck and of course, how to pack your fragile items. Stemware, electronics, jewelry and appliances can easily get bumped around or lost during a move, so it’s important to put some thought into how to protect these items before heading out. Here are some packing tips for keeping your things safe:

Wrap Your Dishes

If you have glass or ceramic dishes, it’s common for people to protect them by wrapping them in bubble wrap. But to save money, consider wrapping your breakables in clothing or towels instead. And for extra padding, you can pack your glasses and stemware in clean socks for another layer of protection. This way, you’re packing your clothes and your kitchenware at the same time. How’s that for killing two birds with one stone?

If you do use bubble wrap, however, make sure you wrap your items with the bubbles facing out, away from the object. This helps to keep the bubbles from leaving any marks on the glass.

Pack Plates Vertically

If you pack your plates vertically into boxes, with padding separating each one, they will be less likely to break than simply stacking them one on top of another.

Protect Makeup

When considering how to pack for a move, remember your cosmetics. Makeup may not be made of glass, but powders and bronzers can be easily broken and cracked if dropped or shoved around during a move. This makes your makeup very difficult to use the next time you need it. Place an extra cotton pad or ball into your powder cosmetics to keep them from breaking.

Use the Original Box

If you still have the original box for your TV, computer or other electronics, use it. This ensures that the product won’t shift around much during the move. If you don’t have it, make sure the boxes you use are only slightly bigger than the object to keep it from getting banged around in its container.

Label Boxes

If you’re getting help from movers, make sure you label any boxes that require extra caution with the word “fragile.” This way, they’ll know to be more gentle when moving the box.

Take Photos

Before you move, take pictures of all your valuables. If they are lost or stolen in the moving process, a recent photo can be helpful in getting them back.