Pet furniture can quickly break the bank, and what happens if your pooch or kitten isn’t impressed with the $100 purchase? DIY furniture for pets is a simple way to create a unique piece of décor that your furry friend can love–and if they don’t, you can rest assured you didn’t empty your wallet for it.

Suitcase Bed

Pet projects to make a cozy bed are endless, but one of our favorites is the suitcase bed. After purchasing a vintage suitcase (make sure it has a hard exterior) at a thrift store or on Craigslist, you’ll want to remove the screws that hold the two sides together. Then, use a drill to create four holes that will secure two pieces of pre-cut 1×4 lumber with T-nuts to the interior of the suitcase. You’ll then be able to line up the wood with furniture legs. Add a cushion with whatever pattern you’d like and introduce it to your four-legged roomie. Tip: Use a textured pattern with animals that tend to shed a lot.

Do you have a suitcase that you don’t want to tear apart? No problem: Simply add the cushion without taking it apart or adding the legs. Or you can do the same project with an old drawer.

Pet Organizer

Having a tiny kitchen with pets means that you’re going to kick around food and water bowls every once in awhile. Take an old nightstand or small dresser and remove the bottom drawer and tracks. Add some paint and food and water bowls on the bottom shelf. You can then store food or toys in the other drawers. Have a feline and pup? Add the cat’s food bowl to the top of the dresser so only he or she can get to it.

Cat Tower

Kittens love to climb, and if you don’t have lofted ceilings (realistically, not a lot of us do) but want your cat to explore the vertical range of your abode, you can build a tower. One of the easiest solutions to allow your kitty to reach new heights is with the IKEA STOLMEN system for closets. These bad boys extend all the way to the ceiling, giving your kitten maximum climbing potential. Unfortunately, the STOLMEN system is a bit large for smaller spaces. You can also make a kitten tower from an old ladder, dresser drawers or plain wood and carpet (you’ll need to have access to a saw for the latter).

Kitten Climbing Wall

Is your cat the ultimate climber? If you don’t have a lot of space on the floor of your apartment, vertical wall space can be used as a pseudo-jungle gym. All you’ll need is a few shelves – they can either be made from scrap wood or store bought–and carpet samples. Properly secure these to the wall with brackets and arrange them in a pattern that will allow your kitten to climb and act like a gargoyle.