Philadelphia has a lot to offer it’s residents. Between historical sites, shopping, arts and parks, you are sure to find the Philadelphia neighborhoods most suited to your lifestyle. If you like to wake up early and tackle the day before most others, here are a few areas in which you might want to start looking:

Bella Vista

If you’re a morning person, you probably love brunch. Getting together with friends before noon, sipping on mimosas, and pairing pancakes with sandwiches are all wonderful things. It just so happens that the Bella Vista neighborhood is Philly’s brunch capital. You can get up with the sun and go for a jog through Maraschino Park, which regularly hosts bocce tournaments. Afterward, get your grocery shopping done at the Italian Market.

The Italian Market features just about any food items you need. Look for fresh produce, fish, meats and spices to take home for dinner. The market began in the mid-1880s, when an Italian immigrant opened a boarding house for other immigrants. Shops sprang up as more and more people moved in, eventually covering the whole area.

Graduate Hospital

This neighborhood is a great place to find your Philadelphia apartment. As a pedestrian-friendly area, Graduate Hospital is filled with parks for your morning jog and coffee shops to frequent. Julian Abele Park hosts regular farmers markets, morning yoga classes and festivals. It’s the perfect spot to stop by early in the day for fitness or recreational purposes.

Ultimo Coffee is a landmark coffee shop in Graduate Hospital and a local favorite since it opened in 2009. Open at 7 a.m. on weekdays, Ultimo is the perfect place to visit with friends over a shot of espresso. Try their regular coffee or a guest roast, both of which are either hand poured or dripped.


​Located near the riverfront, this quiet Philadelphia neighborhood is quickly developing. Dickinson Square Park is in the area and features basketball courts, swing sets, a jungle gym and 3 acres of trees and green space. Sundays in the spring, summer and early fall, you’ll find the Dickinson Square Park Farmers Market, which brings great local vendors. If you choose Pennsport for your Philadelphia apartment location, you will love strolls along the river and visits to Federal Doughnuts. The local doughnut shop is extremely popular among residents and is currently adding locations around the city.

Queen Village

Also located along the river, Queen Village is both eclectic and cozy. The historic Headhouse Shambles at Headhouse Square holds a farmers market from May to December, making this neighborhood a great place to wake up early. With more than 25 farmers and producers selling fresh produce, baked goods and local meats, cheeses and wines, you’ll find something to take home and make later.