Living in an apartment, there are only select décor changes that you are allowed to make to turn the space into one that suits your style. Refurbishing cabinets by revamping handles and knobs is a simple, yet dramatic solution to give your kitchen that extra oomph.

Spray it On

One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen cabinets a whole new look is to get out a can of spray paint and add a vibrant new color to the room’s motif. The first step in this process is to grab a small shoe box or something of a similar size and flip it upside-down. If the knobs are made of metal, lightly sand all of the tops and wipe them off. Then, take all of the knobs and handles and screw them into the box so there is space between the cardboard and the bottom of each piece–this will make it easier to get all sides, and nothing will stick to the surface. Now, you’re ready to paint! After applying a couple of coats, let these dry completely before touching them. It might be longer than you think.

Give it an Earthy Feel

To bring a bit of nature into your apartment, you can use rocks for refurbishing cabinets! Head to your local craft store and pick up any rocks that strike your fancy, along with an appropriate amount of cap nuts, machine screws, epoxy glue and sandpaper. First, lightly sand down one side of the rocks so it is easier to apply glue and the cap nuts will bond better. Once the cap nuts are attached, let the glue dry, and you’re ready to screw the rocks into your cabinets!

Add a Rustic Feel

Do you love vino? Yeah, so do we! Refurbishing cabinets with cork knobs is an incredibly inexpensive and super simple solution to give your apartment that extra flair and unique aesthetic that will set your place apart from all your friends’. While regular wine corks will work, champagne stoppers have a better shape to use as a knob. Simply put a screw in the knob hole in your cabinet so that it faces outwards. Then, line up the middle of the cork with the screw, apply pressure and twist in a counter-clockwise direction. Once it is flush against the cabinet or drawer, you’re finished!

Get Vibrant

With a bit of Mod Podge, some patterned paper and a steady hand, you can great Anthropologie-like knobs for a fraction of the price! You have plenty of options with Mod Podge, so you can let your imagination run wild if you’re in the mood to get extra crafty. The first step in creating these knobs is to paint them a “background” color that will show on the sides and around the edges of the head of the knob. Then, carefully cut the patterned paper in a circle that will fit on the front and glue it smack dab in the middle–this is where the steady hand comes into play! Coat the entire thing with Mod Podge, let it dry and you have totally unique knobs to brighten up your kitchen space.