When the Dr. Phil show called Rent.com about Debbie, we jumped at the chance to help her through an extremely tough situation. A mother of four, Debbie struggles with the same thing every mother does, taking the best possible care of her children. With her job on the line, an unsafe housing situation and the increasing cost of living on a single income with special need kids, the pressure was mounting on Debbie. Feeling like a failure as a parent, she reached out to Dr. Phil for advice and guidance as a parent.

What Debbie didn’t know is that her story would so deeply affect the team at Dr. Phil. With special needs kids alone, Debbie is facing an extraordinary challenge:  Nicklaus has autism, Brooke has Graves’ disease, and her oldest daughter, Lauren barely survived a stroke. Then, Debbie herself was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder requiring her spleen to be removed. During recovery, she checked herself out of the hospital so she could get home to take care of the kids! In the midst of chaos, Debbie’s husband left, the medical bills mounted up, and she was foreclosed on and forced out of her family home into a small apartment in a dangerous neighborhood.

Despite making every sacrifice for her children, Debbie said she still feels like a failure because she cannot provide a better life for her kids. It’s clear that Debbie deserves a break and needs some support, so we could not say no to this hard-working, loving mother when the Dr. Phil show called.

Watch Debbie and learn more about her story and how Rent.com and other companies teamed up to help Debbie in 2012. In the spirit of the holidays, we hope this story inspires you to help those in need in any way that you can.

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