Do you ever feel bad about throwing away seemingly good vegetable scraps once they are starting to go bad or after you’ve finished chopping up the “edible” parts? Well, don’t worry because replanting vegetables is actually super easy and can save you a boatload at the grocery store. From pineapple to scallions, you can replant kitchen scraps in a pot that will re-sprout into a brand new plant!


The crunchy texture of celery blends perfectly with everything from hummus to cream cheese to peanut butter. Plus, these veggies have very few calories. You can keep the leftover scrap and turn it into more fresh celery. You’ll want to cut all the stalks off and leave the base intact. Then, grab a small planter or kitchen dish and fill it with water. Place the base of the celery in the dish and regularly water the plant–celery eats up the liquid fairly quickly because it has a very high water content.

After about two weeks, or once the celery starts to regrow from the middle and you notice small roots coming out of the bottom of the stalk, you can plant it in soil. You’ll still want to maintain frequent watering, but soon you’ll be able to break off the outer stalks to eat and it will continue to grow in the middle!

Romaine Lettuce

Don’t you feel silly that you never knew you could replant romaine lettuce? Similar to celery, you can toss the base of a lettuce head into a small dish with water and just watch it grow into a whole new leafy plant. Once you see a bit of growth–it will take about seven to 10 days–stick the base in some soil and watch it grow. Make sure to keep the dirt extra moist for the romaine.

Scallions/Green Onion

Replanting scallions is a much quicker process than replanting vegetables like celery, and this veggie doesn’t need too much TLC. You’ll want to take a glass, old sauce jar or small vase, and fill it with water. Then, take the white ends of the scallion that you would normally throw in the trash and toss it in the glass. Place the plant in a window and in just a few days you’ll notice that it has begun to re-grow! You can keep chopping the top of the green onion off to throw in dishes as it grows in the water. Just make sure to add new water to the plant once a week to keep it growing healthy.


Ginger root is known for its outstanding health benefits, and you can actually plant this wonder-root indoors! Simply take a small chunk of your kitchen scraps and plant it in some soil with the newest buds facing upwards. Once you see the plant beginning to grow, the root will also grow. At this point, you can take the root out and chop up whatever you need, then simply place it back in the soil when you’re finished. Ginger loves indirect sunlight so make sure it isn’t located in a spot that receives sunshine all day.