Whether you’ve got a raggedy old bookcase that you’re looking to refurbish or you’re looking for DIY bookcase ideas, you can create a beautiful piece that is one-of-a-kind! You don’t need to be overly crafty or a woodworking pro to repurpose a bookcase, and you don’t even have to break the bank.

Repurposing a Bookshelf

Adding fabric to the back of your bookcase adds depth, color and texture, and makes a simple piece of furniture pop! All you need is a great piece of fabric, some glue or a nail gun, and you’ve got yourself a brand new bookshelf for almost no money. A similar design can be achieved with mod podge and scrapbook paper if your bookcase has a backing.

Looking to modernize an old bookcase? Silver and gold leaf can be used to add a shiny metallic finish! You can also add crown molding and furniture legs to any inexpensive bookcase to make it look refined and stylish. You’ll need a nail gun and some gorilla glue, but in no time your old bookshelf will look like a custom-made, expensive unit.

Ditch that Old Dresser

DIY bookcase ideas are easy when you have the materials or can find them cheaply. Chances are you can roam around your block at the end of the month or head to a garage sale and find a solid dresser that just needs some TLC.

If you take the drawers and tracks out–viola, you’ve got yourself a charming new bookcase. You’ll want to sand it down, use a good primer and a few coats of paint. For a contrasting look, you can use a different color on the shelves than the rest of the dresser. If you’d like to keep some of your items stowed away, keep the bottom drawer and add a stylish handle.

Milk Crate Bookcase

If you want to add a rustic tone to your rental unit, milk crates are a cheap and easy solution! You can buy milk crates at any craft store, and you’ll want about six crates, depending on space and configuration–you can even get different sizes.

Stack the milk crates in whatever pattern you like and slather on a coat of paint. The wonderful thing about milk crate bookshelves is that you don’t have to use glue or nails for take-down when your lease is up, or when you get sick of it and want to change the pattern.

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