When you’re living on your own, you have no roommate issues to deal with–like what color the living room should be or what poster will be the centerpiece of the dining room. Whether you’re planning to cohabit with your beau or a buddy, décor disputes can get ugly. There are several approaches you can take in this situation to ensure your living space is comfortable and there is no lingering animosity.

Find a Cohesive Style

After my boyfriend and I decided to move in together, I realized that not only does he have all the furniture, but our tastes are slightly off. We both love eclectic, offbeat and vintage style, but he tends to lean more toward dark colors and bulky furniture, while my mentality is the brighter the better. So after he made a few must-have suggestions, we began to fill in the gaps. His bright orange retro lamp is now a staple, but the drab college apartment couches and black IKEA coffee table had to go. With the addition of a red sectional, a gray-blue coffee table and light-hued storage, I got my color fix without going too girly (which I think he appreciated).

Start from Scratch

Sure, buying all-new furniture probably isn’t in the cards, but you can revamp what you’ve got. You and your roommate should make a pact to send each other a few décor ideas found on Pinterest or any décor website. Once you see exactly what each other wants, you can try to collaborate on styles and determine what furniture can be kept, sold or remodeled. Compromise is key in this scenario, as you and your new roomie are designing the entire space together. With a little paint and a detailed tutorial, you can completely redo a coffee table, storage unit or bookcase.

Take a Room

Living with roommates who are stubborn is difficult, but take a deep breath and agree to disagree when it comes to style. Then, each of you can take a room. Whether your taste is drastically different, or you’re just arguing over where to hang that vintage map, deciding to each decorate a space may be the perfect option. And hey, it can be really cool to have a split-personality apartment! Each roommate can have the veto power to nix a couple items–whatever number you think is fair–so no one has to live with something they absolutely hate.