Love exposed brick? Can’t get enough of vintage lamps? Visible piping your thing? Rustic decor might just fit your design style. Here are some ideas to turn your apartment into an industrial palace:

Basic Elements

When shopping around for rustic apartment decor and furniture, it’s good to have what building blocks you’ll need in mind. Think metal, glass and wood. Industrial design generally operates with a collage of materials, somehow coming together harmoniously. Mix your materials intelligently. For example, choose wood for the table and metal for lamps. Seating can be an interesting combination.


Lighting is one of the most impactful, simple ways to turn the theme of your apartment. You also have the freedom to get creative with it. Pendant lights housed in a cage have that unfinished-room feel and come in variety of designs. Many pendant bulbs have an old-school look, like something out of a 1940s film. You can never go wrong with a gooseneck lamp. These fixtures have movable necks and were all the rage when they first were sold. A more unique hanging fixture is a light held in a fan cage. You could even make it yourself if you have any kind of electric know-how.

Hit the Thrift Store

As with most eclectic craft projects, thrift stores are great places to look for design components. When you have a specific look in mind, old furniture is a great unprocessed material. You can later refinish or paint different pieces to match your theme. For an industrial look, keep an eye out for anything vintage. Old ammo boxes, wooden crates, mod furniture and vintage bar stools are all usable.


When planning a color scheme for an industrial apartment, think smokestacks. Grays, browns, black, dusty blues and earth tones an industrial, rustic feel. Choose the base color pallette; then pick a pop color that will stand out and add some energy to the room. This color can be more heavily saturated, but be sure the pallette and pop are balanced.


As for materials, metals and woods work well for this kind of apartment decorating. Look for a dining table with old piping as the legs and a wooden top. To complete the set, add metal dining chairs that are the same color as the table legs. A similar look could work for a shelving unit or coffee table. In rustic decor, not everything has to match, it just has to complement other pieces.

Finishing Touches

Now that you have the major components of your apartment decor in mind, start looking for smaller things that will tie it all together. A piece of modern art in your color scheme will keep the apartment feeling fresh. This is where you can really let your individual style shine. Home Goods is a great place to find unique, inexpensive knick-knacks.

It Takes Time

A complete apartment look takes time. Build up the final design slowly by keeping your eyes open when you’re out. You never know what you’ll find when you’re out of town or at that cute shop downtown. Add some of your own creations or sentimental pieces to wrap everything together in a familiar bow.