Whether or not you’re excited to go back to school, there’s one thing you’re probably not psyched about: spending money on supplies. Textbooks, school supplies and tuition can really do a number on your wallet. But the truth is, there are plenty of back to school deals out there that can help ease the pain. Follow these tips to be a savvy spender:

Gather Supplies You Already Have

You may not realize it, but chances are you have some unused notebooks and folders stored somewhere in your apartment. Sort through all of the supplies that you have leftover from last year. As long as everything is in decent shape, you can save money by using what you already have.

Don’t Lose that Student ID

You know the student ID with that picture you’re not especially proud of that sits in your wallet? Well, it may be more useful than you think. When going back-to-school shopping, be sure to carry this important piece of plastic with you. Flashing your student ID card at stores like Banana Republic and Radio Shack can provide you with big discounts. Even online stores like Amazon.com will ask for your college email address in exchange for deals. If you’re not sure if a certain store offers a student discount, it never hurts to ask!

Amazon Student

Amazon has an incredible program where you can receive free two-day shipping on select items as well as special discounts. Amazon Student is free for the first six months, after which you can take advantage of half-off an Amazon Prime account. Whether you’re looking for textbooks, notebooks, computers or cameras, you can find great discounts.

Laptop Savings

If you’re just starting out as a college student, a laptop is probably at the top of your list. Unfortunately, they can be pricey. However, Apple offers incredible back-to-school discounts for college students and parents. If you buy a Mac, Apple is offering some excellent discounts for students. There are also deals to be had on iPads and iPhones, and there is even financing available.

Microsoft also offers deals, if you’re more of a PC lover. From great discounts to freebies, it’s worth checking out their site to see what the latest is.

There’s no worse feeling than completing that five-page paper only for a virus to cause your computer to freeze and eat your paper. Prevent this from happening by taking advantage of Norton’s student deals.


What discounts are you taking advantage of as you head back to school? Get sharing on social and let us know!