Aww–are you feeling the roommate love? There’s nothing in life quite as awesome as finding a room-and-soul-mate all rolled up into one! If you’ve got the best roommate ever, shower him or her with your love and praise!

Do Her Chores for a Few Days

If your roommate is having a tough time, there’s nothing that shows her you care like doing her chores for a few days. Let us warn you, though: This gesture will be largely meaningless if you ask her to turn around and do your chores next time you’re swamped with work. That’s not the point of a favor, now is it?

Surprise Her with Concert Tickets

If you know that your roommate’s favorite band is coming to town, surprise her with some tickets! These “just-because” gifts for roommates are ideal because not only are you expressing your appreciation–you’re going to create lifelong memories attending the show together!

Make Her a Surprise Dinner

We love this one–especially in situations when your roommate is feeling a little low. If she comes home to an apartment smelling like pasta primavera, it’ll be that much more difficult for her to feel down in the dumps! We personally recommend going all out: Buy a bottle of wine to share and a richly indulgent chocolate cake to devour after the meal, and come to the table ready to hear some soul-baring. Make a bonding session out of it!

Invite Her Out

If you and your roommate run in different social circles (which is healthy and probably ideal), it can be nice to see each other out in the “real world” once in awhile. By inviting your roomie out for drinks with you and your friends, you’ll be showing her that you value her friendship and are happy to spend time with her.

Plan a Trip Together

If you and your roommate truly are good friends, surprise her when she gets home with a spread of photos, maps, to-do lists and a budget calculator. That’s right–it’s time for a vacation! Nothing refreshes a friendship or relationship more than some time spent away from reality.

Don’t have the budget (or time) for a real trip? Surprise your roommate with the same spread, but have fun by planning out the “dream” trip you’d take together if you could. Then save your plans somewhere special so that you can whip them out when the trip looks like it might become a reality.

Prepare a Surprise Spa

If you know your roommate is stressed about school, work or a relationship, plan to let her deal with her problems privately. When she gets home, don’t be anywhere near your apartment–but plan to have a chilled bottle of champagne in the fridge (signify this with a cute note), bath salts and scrubs lining the bathtub, and a mixed CD of New Age music sitting on the counter.

How you show your roommate love?