As the days are beginning to get longer and the weather gets a bit warmer, it may be time to switch to summer decor. Subdued colors, a laid-back motif and flowing drapery are just a few sun-drenched staples to add some light to your apartment. Whether you’re looking to bring a tropical motif, modern aesthetic or country-living theme into your space, we’ll arm you with simple ways to change up the decor in your apartment for the season.

Breezy Curtains

You may have had energy-saving, blackout curtains over the windows in your apartment for the winter, but letting a bit of light into your space will immediately make it feel summery! A super inexpensive and unique option for curtains is to purchase sheets of burlap and cut them appropriately to fit your windows. Since this fabric is woven, air flow and sunlight are able to easily get through, but it will still keep your space feeling private. Or adding summer décor can be as simple as getting sheer drapes in a light hue like white, yellow, blue or green.


Throw pillows can cost a small fortune, so why not use the ones you have and switch up the cases? Designers are embracing style from India this season, like vibrant colors and jewel-tones coupled with floral patterns. Try to add some dulled candy apple green, turquoise, orange or even pink into your summer décor to embody this hot trend. If you’re on a budget, you can find some fabric with this aesthetic to make your own.


Spring cleaning is the best way to rid your apartment of clutter  and create a sleek and tidy space for the summer. If you have a lot of stuff that ends up on the floor or coffee table, invest in some woven baskets to place on the ground to collect those items. Another great way to add storage is to invest in a light-colored ottoman that will boost the summery feel and give you a place to stow away unneeded items.


Adding some flowers or plants to your interior is one of the best ways to bring the summer inside. If you don’t like the maintenance of real greenery, there’s no problem with adding fake orchids or sunflowers to your apartment. This brings a vibrant aesthetic into your space without doing much of anything else to your décor.


There’s no better way to incorporate the summer into your decorations than adding nautical and sea-faring items into your apartment. While this style can quickly look over-the-top and cheesy if you’re not in a lake house, you can also create a chic and beautiful look with this theme. For example, use a conch shell for a flower vase, simple stripes or colorful placemats for the table. One of the easiest rooms in your apartment to add a nautical ambiance is the bathroom. With a switch of a shower curtain and a couple of towels, you’ll have the fresh-from-the-beach look in your place.