Do you love spending time in the kitchen, but your drab decor makes it kind of depressing? Doing a kitchen makeover on a budget can turn your outdated space into a welcoming area in your apartment fit for a chef! You don’t have to be a culinary w​hiz, or even be super crafty, to completely revamp your small apartment kitchen.

Make Your Own Island

This may seem daunting, but it’s easier that you may be thinking! If you’re lacking in the storage department–and let’s face it, most renters are–you can turn an old dresser or cubicle shelf unit into a dining table or island. Find an old dresser at a garage sale, a proper top (you can find these at IKEA or Home Depot), some small hooks, a paper towel holder and maybe some new knobs. After slathering on a new coat of paint, you can attach all the accessories you’ll need and the new top. If you’re on a super strict budget, seal the top and skip out on a buying a countertop.

Use Your Wall Space

So your counter space is lacking and your cupboards hardly store your coffee cups? Utilize the wall space to store your stuff! Bonus: Your pots and pans can double as décor. Pegboard is a great solution for units that lack in the storage department because it is very inexpensive, and can store all your pots and pans. If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your small apartment kitchen, you can purchase the pegboard in the color of your choice or just paint it the color you want.

Sometimes apartment cabinets have a decent amount of space, but lack the shelves to use all that space. By adding shelves above your stove, you can conveniently store oil, spices, a timer and a French press. Shelves will also allow you to clear your precious counter space, or add decorations.

Add a Backsplash

We know you can’t make any permanent changes to your apartment, but did you know you can easily add a temporary backsplash? With fabric and plexiglass, you can add a color or pattern to your kitchen and easily take it down once you’re ready to move out. For an easier solution, you can even hang small photos or pieces of art in this empty space with a distinct pattern or style. A temporary metal backsplash is great because it’s easy to clean and you can add magnets to hang notes or photos.

Think Up

Renters should never underestimate the power of vertical storage! Do you have plenty of room above your cabinets or refrigerator? Don’t neglect it. Store your microwave on top of your refrigerator and add some decorations above your cabinets (and no, we don’t mean the beer bottles from your last party). But, if you love the glass bottle look, paint old wine bottles or uniquely shaped liquor containers.