If you’re planning on hosting house guests in your small space, you may be wondering: “Where are they going to stay?” If you don’t have a guest bedroom, you can still give friends and family members a warm welcome in your tiny rental. With these small space tips to make your guests feel cozy, they’ll forget all about having to stay in a shared room.

Give Them a Heads-Up

How would you feel if you planned to stay with a friend and then realized that there was no place for you to sleep? If you’re welcoming people into your small space, make it clear what their sleeping arrangements will be before they arrive. This information may encourage them to pack lightly as well. If you have pets, live near construction or work odd hours, this information can also come in handy.

Be Accommodating

If you plan to have friends stay in your place on a regular basis, invest in a futon, day bed or pull-out couch. Put away some of your things that are usually in this shared area, or clear away things in another room where they can store their luggage and get dressed. Purchasing an air mattress can also be a good investment for yourself and your guests.

Before friends arrive, make sure that your apartment is tidied up. You may not care that there are clothes thrown around your bedroom floor, but you’re welcoming an extra person into a small apartment. You should clear clutter from the living room and bathroom since these are the two rooms that will be used most frequently by your guest.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

While you’re not going to put a bed in the middle of your living room, you can make a few changes to create a cozier environment where your guest will sleep. Have extra pillows, throw blankets and nearby outlets readily available.

You should also try to give your visitor some privacy by planning shower and sleep schedules accordingly, and making sure necessary items are fully stocked–you don’t want to run out of toilet paper when a friend is over.

Plan Activities

Not only is your house guest visiting a new place they will want to explore, but planning activities will also get you outside of your apartment for much of the time during their stay. Head to a museum, park, concert, out to breakfast or even to another friend’s apartment.