Smoking has been a hot​-button issue since the first research came out noting its negative side effects, but that hasn’t stopped the millions of cigarette smokers across the country from lighting up. Currently, more than half of the states in the country have smoking bans in all public places–but what about rentals?

Cities across the country are considering a smoking ban in some rental units that would take away smoker’s rights to light up on their private terraces or patios, and some even on the public sidewalks nearby. So what they are telling renters is that you not only can’t smoke within your building, but you have to walk down the block to light a cigarette up.

The issue of smoking in your own apartment is similar to that of being loud and noisy. Other renters are sometimes forced to deal with the smoking habits of their neighbors because it can seep through the ducts and into other units.Similar to noise complaints, if your neighbors make a fuss about the smoke coming from your apartment or terrace, you run the risk of eviction. So while it could be against your lease, if you smoke in your apartment and your neighbors are fellow smokers, you may be easily able to get away with it. Critics point out that tenants could hide it successfully, and maybe that’s enough.

If the issue is that smokers are bothering other tenants, if the scent isn’t noticed, could it still be causing a problem? Some landlords may also be concerned about the stench that smoking in an apartment leaves behind. Smoking indoors can even stain the walls! Who wants to move into a smoke-stained rental unit?

This leaves many questions floating around for renters looking for a new place. While these rules haven’t been implemented across the board just yet, some experts believe that more landlords are going to follow suit if the initial smoking bans are successful. Where does that leave smokers? Will there be segregated buildings for smokers and nonsmokers? Renters may just have to wait and see how whether they are going to be able to light up as they please, or take a jaunt outside each time they need their fix.

What do you think of smoking bans in rentals?