As a kid, you looked forward to spring break each year–but as a parent, it’s probably something you’ve come to dread. Of course you love your children, but entertaining them for hours on end every day requires a lot of time and energy! And there are only so many times you can remind them not to run around the apartment.

Fortunately, there are tons of activities for kids out there that will keep your little rascals busy and stretch their imaginations. To maintain your sanity, test out these seven spring break ideas to keep kids busy:

1. Have a Dance-Off

To help your kids get their wiggles out (and express themselves, to boot), turn on some music and have a dance-off! Or, if a dance battle sounds a little too structured, allow them to dance around freely–and don’t be afraid to join in on the fun! Even moms and dads go a little stir crazy sometimes.

2. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

You can plan an adventurous scavenger hunt for your kids by creating a list of things they have to find or challenges they need to complete. For example, your scavenger hunt checklist could include “run around the block” or “find a red house.” Once they’ve found everything on the list, reward your kids with their favorite snack.

3. Go to a Children’s Museum

Heading to a museum may sound like one of the worst spring break ideas on the planet (whose kids can be quiet for hours on end?), but going to a children’s museum is another thing entirely. Here your kids can run around and act like the adorable little animals they are while learning at the same time. Everyone wins!

4. Have a Family Game Night

Another way to keep your kids busy (and have some fun of your own) is to plan a family game night. Pop a pizza in the oven, break out some board games and enjoy some TV-free bonding time. To minimize arguments, allow each child to pick out a game that the whole family will play.

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5. Cook Crazy Concoctions

The kitchen is a great place for your kids to experiment and explore their creativity! If your kids are older, allow them to help you make dinner. However, if you still have little munchkins, try making ants on a log together! This healthy treat is made with celery, peanut butter and raisins.

6. Go to the Library

If you’re just dying to get out of your apartment, take your children on a trip to the library. Allow them each to choose a book or two and take it home with them. Then, designate some quiet time every day so they can finish reading their library books before spring break ends.

7. Volunteer

Doing good deeds is the perfect way to keep kids busy over spring break. Carve out some time for you and your children to volunteer at a soup kitchen, visit a nursing home or pick up trash around your community.

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