Spring is in full swing, so embrace the change of season by freshening your home decor.  Your living room mantle is a focal point, a natural target for pleasing visual impact.  Here are some simple but inspiring ideas for your own spring mantle decor. They will help you brighten your home as winter fades to a memory.

Spring Pastels 

Have fun with spring’s pretty pastel palette. Abandon the muted, darker colors of winter and embrace spring’s hues.  Use decor in classic pastels: pale pink, lavender, soft yellow, and mint green.  If neutrals are more your style, try a palette of bright whites and soft browns with just a hint of fresh green, simulating nature’s awakening.  Incorporating decor in bright, more vibrant colors is the most dramatic way to create your spring mantle.

Take Advantage of Fresh Flowers

A vase or pot of the season’s prettiest blooms will instantly refresh your mantle decor.  Try long-stemmed roses or tulips for height, or a pot of hyacinths if your ceilings are lower.  Choose flowers in cheerful colors to really play up the spring feel.  White roses with pink carnations combine for a bright effect. Accent a vase with a pink satin bow.

spring mantle decor

Add Fresh Plants or Cuttings 

You don’t have to use flowers to make a statement in spring.  You can also use small plants (succulents are easy to keep alive), herbs and even clippings from the landscaping on your patio to bring some spring green into your space. Greenery is a sign of life and adds healthy energy to your apartment home. It also helps bring the outdoors in.

Hot Tip:  Set a potted live plant in front of your fireplace until fall.

Play with Spring Motifs

In your mantle theme, incorporate bunnies, chicks, birds, nests, eggs, and greenery, all items that we associate with spring.

Try these spring mantle decor ideas to revitalize your home this season and embrace all the fresh promise of spring.