You don’t need the luck o’ the Irish to throw an epic St. Patrick’s Day party! Let’s be honest, even if the only thing you did was serve some green beer, your friends would probably be satisfied. Still, your inner Martha Stewart is no doubt planning to put a little more effort into your March 17th get-together. If you have no clue where to start, check out these leprechaun-approved St. Patrick’s Day party ideas:


You can’t have the perfect St. Patty’s Day party without guests! Instead of throwing together a quick Facebook invite (who really reads those anyway?), put forth a little extra effort and send some themed invitations. All you’ll need is some green construction paper, glue, scissors, and maybe a quick look at Pinterest for some creative inspiration. Be sure to send out your invitations about three weeks before the party so your guests have plenty of time to RSVP.


Although it goes without saying that no party is complete without the proper attire, you may want to say it anyway to make sure your guests dress with some Irish spirit. Green clothing is obviously the traditional way to go, but some people also like to sport orange and white (the other two colors that complete the Irish flag). You can also provide your guests with festive leprechaun hats or buttons with funny phrases like, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish.”

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The next (and perhaps most important) step in the party planning process is deciding how to decorate your apartment. St. Patrick’s Day decorations don’t have to be overly complicated—start by heading to the nearest party story and picking up some green balloons, crepe paper and tablecloths. Use these items as the base of your decor. You can up the ante by making some four-leaf clovers out of construction paper and hanging them in strategic locations, such as by the food or on the door of the bathroom.

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The Irish love their food almost as much as they love their beer, which means you’ll need to be prepared with the perfect St. Patrick’s Day menu. You can whip up some traditional dishes like classic Irish soda bread or corned beef and cabbage (this is super easy to make in a slow cooker), and pair it with modern favorites like Lucky Charms snack mix and green cookies. You can even make the party a potluck and ask everyone to bring their favorite St. Patty’s Day dish! Potlucks mean less work and more deliciousness.


When looking for St. Patrick’s Day party ideas, finding the perfect drinks to serve will probably be at the top of your to-do list. Green beer is obviously a St. Patty’s Day staple (put about six drops in a pint of pale Irish lager to create your emerald masterpiece), but you can serve other Irish favorites like Guinness and Harp too. Green water is a fun option for those of your friends who don’t like to drink alcohol.