If you have a small apartment, you’re probably always on the look out for storage solutions. With cooler weather quickly approaching, you may be wondering what to do with your collection of sundresses and swimsuits. Fortunately, with a little bit of organization, your off-season clothing will be out of your way.

Gather it Up

The first thing you’ll want to do is pull all the items you won’t be wearing in the next season or two. This includes shoes, hats and bags.

Be Honest

Now that you see it all, is there anything you didn’t wear this last season? Pieces that are out of fashion, don’t fit or have become misshapen should be put in a “get rid of it” pile. This is where you have to be brutal with yourself. You have a small closet. You don’t have room for clothes you don’t wear.

There are a few options for what you can do with this pile. There are resale stores (both physical stores and online sources, like Tradesy) that will buy your lightly used, relatively fashionable clothes, so you might be slated to earn a couple bucks. Otherwise, you can donate. Be sure to get a receipt for tax deduction!

Where it Goes

Once you have an idea of what you’re keeping, scope out a place to keep the clothing. The storage space will determine the kind of containers you need, if you need them at all. If you have a closet and a dresser you don’t often use, you have options. Clothing you plan on wearing should ideally be kept in plain sight. You are more likely to build an outfit out of pieces you can see. Use the dresser for the out-of-season items that you don’t need to look at anyway.

If a hallway closet, the top shelf of your bedroom closet or under your bed are your only options, a plastic storage box works well. Fold clothes neatly with a dryer sheet in between each item. The sheet with keep clothing smelling fresh for when you crack the case open in a few months. Another option is a plastic storage bag that can be vacuum sealed. This method compresses your clothing and takes up less space than the box route.

Clean it Up

Before clothing gets put in its designated vessel, make sure to wash or dry clean it. Check the pockets and fold it nicely. Sew on buttons that came off or stitch up any tears before putting the items away. You’ll thank yourself come springtime.


You may want to try stuffing everything into a single box to eliminate space eating boxes, but be careful. Overstuffing a storage container may cause your clothes to wrinkle. Place the heaviest pieces at the bottom and your sheer, silk or light fabric items on top.

Final Notes

Avoid dry cleaner garment bags, as the plastic doesn’t allow garments inside to breathe. Some paper products are acidic and will wear your fabrics over time. Dry cleaner hangers with foam strips could discolor clothing. As a rule, don’t store clothing in dry cleaner-provided materials.